Our Component Supply Chain Services

BOM Analysis

Every year there is always pressure to improve the bottom line. For the purchasing team of any OEM or CEM this means lots of price comparisons on PCB’s and Components but how do you know if it’s the very best you can do. Let us evaluate your regular BOMs to see what we can help with. Just by giving a finished BOM to Greentrain can give you the opportunity to the receive the following information….

  • A comprehensive BOM review will identify any components that are nearing end of life and may become more difficult to source
  • We can identify components where we can clearly save you costs on.
  • Where you need specific components readily available, we can highlight parts that may be difficult to obtain going forward. We can then offer to buy up the global stock on your behalf and  maintain your schedules and ensure you can keep to deadlines. The perfect solution.

Long Lead Times / Shortages / Allocation

It’s great news for sales when your products take an unexpected upturn in demand or when you receive a new order from a customer needing products as soon as possible. However, how frustrating is it when your production lines grind to a halt because certain components aren’t available? This may be something completely out of the hands of your usual distributor.

As a component supplier with customers all over the globe it is natural that each customer has different requirements in their supply chain. Greentrain are set up to support every level and at every point of the life of a component. This means we can support Scheduled orders for many manufacturers (click here to see our substantial line card ) and with our global buying system this means we can supply components that many OEM’s and CEM’s just do not have access to.

Although your local distributor may tell you there is no stock availability it doesn’t mean  your product isn’t available. If you go to a store to buy a specific model of television and it’s out of stock, it will more than likely be available at another retail outlet in another part of the country…and it’s the same for components. They may be scarce in one country but if it’s out there we will know and be able to supply it to keep your production line ticking along nicely.

Using our impressive list of global contacts and enviable worldwide supply chain network we do not restrict our search to the UK, we check hundreds of distributors stock all over the world to locate exactly what you need and within the time frame you want it.

We can also help you with:

Why Greentrain?

Quality of service is fundamental to the success of Greentrain. We are ISO 9001 approved, work within a strict internal quality manual process and are a verified member of ERAI. We work within RoHs guidelines and have a fully ESD controlled goods-in area complete with Microscopes and data verification information to confirm what we procure is exactly what we require.
Greentrain only supply components direct from franchise and manufacturers globally and through our OEM/CEM stock. Whichever supply route we use you are assured of quality product, in fact we guarantee it. In a market where suppliers can often over promise and under deliver, it is important to have a distributor you can trust, with the background and pedigree many major blue chip companies rely on…..Greentrain.

What clients say

Greentrain have saved our skin on numerous occasions when our component manufacturers have been unable to meet our orders. Their experience in the market means they have the necessary contacts to quickly trace the required components and get them to us without delay. We have a great relationship with them and all of the staff could not be more helpful.

Marcus, CEM

I have worked with Emily for years and when she started Greentrain i took them on-board immediately. Their ability to find stock that we cannot see is invaluable. There are 5 buyers in our building but even with such a strong team we rely on Greentrain virtually daily to keep us up to date with product availability when we are on long lead times. Great company, great service.

Maria, European Automotive OEM

Consider us your global search engine, seeking out your critical components.

The service you experience with Greentrain will show you there are independent companies out there delivering exactly what you need. Give us a test drive by calling 01256 332244 or emailing info@green-train.co.uk we’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised.