Excess stock management services

Junk or sleeping assets with hidden value?

Suffering from a surplus of components happens to most manufacturers; it’s a natural by-product of electronic production. Historically excess management was a simple dispose and write off process. However, we are now in an era where it’s important to address the environmental impact of wastage and to have a firm handle on all your costs, ensuring you get value from your excess stock.

Generally all excess stock is perceived as depreciating assets sat on a shelf taking up time and space. We constantly hear the term “well if you can sell any of this worthless lot you’re welcome to it!” and this is the key to effective excess management…what is worthless?

At Greentrain we undertake a full assessment of your aged stock. This can be anything from finished project excess to a large amount of inventory often built up from many years of product development.

Our excess management service comprises the following steps:

Initial meeting ideally with material management and finance team.

A stock list is submitted to Greentrain and a workable document for both companies is agreed and maintained as a live document. A consignment contract is agreed and signed.

A meeting is then arranged on your site with the stock management team to understand how the stock is stored and maintained, making sure we are aware of your internal part coding system.

We strongly recommend that all stock is shipped to Greentrain to be held and distributed. The stock will then be catalogued, recorded, and any relevant digital images taken.

A saleability assessment of each line is undertaken .

Disposals and retained stock for sale are agreed, and a consignment contract agreed and signed.

You can now sit back and leave the rest to us. We handle all enquiries, shipping, payments and terms etc. You will receive a monthly report with the items sold and the amount due to you…….it’s as simple as that.

Here’s the best bit…the entire service described above is FREE. Greentrain works purely on an agreed split for any stock sold, so basically we get paid when we have made you money from stock that was just clogging up your shelves and losing value.

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Why Greentrain?

Quality of service is fundamental to the success of Greentrain. We are ISO 9001 approved, work within a strict internal quality manual process and are a verified member of ERAI. We work within RoHs guidelines and have a fully ESD controlled goods-in area complete with Microscopes and data verification information to confirm what we procure is exactly what we require.
Greentrain only supply components direct from franchise and manufacturers globally and through our OEM/CEM stock. Whichever supply route we use you are assured of quality product, in fact we guarantee it. In a market where suppliers can often over promise and under deliver, it is important to have a distributor you can trust, with the background and pedigree many major blue chip companies rely on…..Greentrain.

What clients say

We have been using Greentrain since 2008 to dispose of our excess material. We used to just write off the products and dispose accordingly and now year on year they generate revenue from components we never thought we’d sell. We cannot value their service highly enough

Matthew, Communications OEM

Gary did not pull any punches and was incredibly honest about what excess we had, how we had stored it and what was acceptable and what wasn’t and his description of us having an ‘overvalued loft’ was absolutely spot on. We just hoarded the material because we had the space and maybe one day we could use some of the components. We now have a strict 3 year disposal policy and for the amount Greentrain sells they have now become as good a customer as a supplier

Simon, Lighting OEM

For excess components organised the Greentrain way, call us now on 01256 332244 or via email info@green-train.co.uk.