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How much time and effort does your company waste issuing BOM’s to multiple suppliers?

Sourcing and buying components efficiently is vital to the profitability of your business. However, this activity is often time-consuming and frustrating, especially when lead times force out your build dates. You are then left dealing with multiple suppliers on different terms, delivering products at various times. How often does it all come together perfectly?

If you deal with multiple suppliers to source components have you considered how much time your team waste buying, tracking and consolidating multiple deliveries? What about the time and effort spent managing and paying multiple invoices? To make matters worse, if one part is significantly late and holds up production you are often paying invoices for parts supplied BEFORE you even build..…not great for cashflow!


Greentrain’s kitting service makes component and PCB procurement effortless and saves you huge amounts of time and overall costs. Utilising our worldwide distribution network we procure the whole BOM in time for your production…no hassle…no chasing…no panic buying and great for cashflow.

One Order          One Kit          One Invoice

Greentrain’s 6 simple steps to efficient kitting:

  1. E-mail BOM and Gerber files to your Greentrain Account Manager.
  2. A Greentrain buyer will cost the board based on multiple tenders from our global distribution network. This is not just based on ‘best price’ practice but also on timing to ensure we can adhere to your production dates. We will quote everything you require to build from PCB and components through to board hardware etc
  3. Quotes are sent back to you for approval.
  4. Once approval is received and we have received your order, Greentrain will procure all components and install an efficient and effective scheduling system, in line with your production dates.
  5. A kit of parts will be sent to you directly on your required date or to any global Contract Manufacturer you may require.
  6. One invoice is issued to you to cover the whole kit of parts. Efficient and effective.

One Order          One Kit          One Invoice

Why Greentrain?

Quality of service is fundamental to the success of Greentrain. We are ISO 9001 approved, work within a strict internal quality manual process and are a verified member of ERAI. We work within RoHs guidelines and have a fully ESD controlled goods-in area complete with Microscopes and data verification information to confirm what we procure is exactly what we require.
Greentrain only supply components direct from franchise and manufacturers globally and through our OEM/CEM stock. Whichever supply route we use you are assured of quality product, in fact we guarantee it. In a market where suppliers can often over promise and under deliver, it is important to have a distributor you can trust, with the background and pedigree many major blue chip companies rely on…..Greentrain.
Our ERAI (Electronic Resellers Association) membership provides the reassurance to your company that we are verified by the official industry association. In addition, the membership ensures our team remain current with all legislations relating to the procurement of electronic components, fully up to date with anti-counterfeiting processes and issues that have arisen globally. Please click our ERAI logo to see what peace of mind ERAI provide you with.

What clients say

It’s funny how you never think how much you needed something until you have it and now we couldn’t be without Greentrain. They handle the whole kitting process, liaise with our CEM and manage our expectations perfectly. We now have zero excess and every delivery is on-time, which never happened before Greentrain took control…..i can’t recommend them enough
Very efficient, nothing is too much trouble for them and despite our engineers always tinkering with the product, Greentrain always accommodate. The best part for us was the fact they have taken this whole project on, run it and communicated it totally professionally and we are now paying LESS for our BOM than we were when we bought the products ourselves !! Great service