Component obsolescence – How to maintain a supply chain?

In many sectors of manufacturing from Aerospace to Military and Automotive to Medical continuation of production of products for many years has inevitable consequences. Obsolete components can cause significant issues not just from the potential cost of re-design but for spares and maintenance, and the possible loss of orders due to increased costs.

Once a component’s life has left the franchise route the options become worrying. Who can you trust? What is the ‘grey market’? and How do you find the right partner that can steer you through this and give advice throughout?

Let Greentrain be your personal ‘relic hunters’

By working within a global network of obsolete component stockists Greentrain are able to provide a strategy to maintain production of your products when obsolescence becomes an issue.

Sourcing obsolete components long after the last time buys have dried up is one of our specialities. We have many years’ experience in all sectors of obsolescence and have developed a tried and trusted formula to make sure any part supplied is fit for purpose.

The benefits of working with one of Europe’s largest obsolete component stocking distributors:

  • Established global obsolescence network
  • Where possible all components will have either traceability or original labels and markings verified by ourselves.
  • Temperature controlled ESD area with ‘first check’ microscope assessment of a components authenticity.
  • Where there is no traceability, we offer full testing facilities from die authentication through to part function against manufacturers data to certify the parts.
  • We are also able to erase programmes, temperature upscale and design and manufacturer adaptors to enable different packages of components to be used.
  • Constant communication throughout including microscope images and x-rays for verification by YOUR engineers.
  • Only when all parties are 100% happy do we ship you the stock.
  • Remember, your existing stock is ‘grey market’ stock once it is offered for re-sale. As much as you trust your stock, we trust our supply chain the same…One company’s excess is another company’s continued production.
  • Years of industry knowledge all in one location enables us guide you through the obsolete component minefield.

Call today on 01256 332244  or click here to chat and pick our brains about obsolescence management, we may have a perfect solution for your business.

Why Greentrain?

Quality of service is fundamental to the success of Greentrain, that’s why we have invested in achieving ISO 9001, are a verified member of ERAI and work within the strict guidelines of RoHs and WEEE directive.
Greentrain only supplies components from trusted sources, direct from franchise and manufacturers and through our OEM/CEM stock. Whichever supply route we use, you can be sure they will be quality products. In a market flooded with counterfeit goods and re-marked product, it is important to have an independent you can trust.
Our ERAI (Electronic Resellers Association) membership provides the reassurance to your company that we are verified by the official industry association. In addition, it the membership ensures our team remain current with all legislations relating to the procurement of electronic components, worldwide.

What clients say

We get a lot of help from Greentrain, not just on buying the component but they regularly talk to our materials manager and engineers to discuss where current components are in their life. There is a wealth of market knowledge in Greentrain that you just do not get from a franchise distributor.
Hanna , Medical OEM
Component obsolescence is one of the railway industries main issues, as we need to support systems throughout the world that can be dated and the cost to re-work these products are extremely high. Since working with Greentrain we have been able to build, maintain and supply spares for many years beyond what we expected, i have no idea how they manage to do it but i am very happy that we work with them.